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"This is such a great buy! Each week there are lots of great, quality science resources available for download. Devon is always quick to respond and resolve any questions or problems you have. Thanks for creating the program!" I have really enjoyed using your resources in my 6th-grade science class! The embedded videos in your power points are awesome and very helpful! And... I really enjoyed your Star Trek references in you space power points! Keep up the GREAT work!"

"And this is why I love you and purchased your entire store!! I needed YOU as my teacher when I was growing up. I needed engaging lessons because I had ADD, high functioning ASD, and dyslexia. You are all about engagement and differentiating due to being hands on. I became a teacher to try to fix a system that failed me miserably and when I see someone like you Devon, my heart swells. Thank you for not only being a great teacher but helping those of us with too much on our plates right now to really soar on our own. Thank you for being my mentor."

"After using the Seasons station, I'm hooked! Loved that the kids were using technology and the "hunt" kept them all waiting for a station to be free."

"These are amazing to use as intro, reinforcement or review. The kids love being able to use their phones and something different besides the stations or webquests we normally do. Thanks so much for sharing these at such a great price!"

"After the students left today, I had some down time, read through my emails and bought/downloaded the bundle. As crazy as it sounds, I can't wait for Christmas break to be over so that we can start the chemistry unit and utilize these hunts. Thanks so very much for energizing this 18 year science teacher!!!"

"Awesome resources. I'm very pleased that I purchased it. All of the resources are easily editable to accommodate ELL students and their vocabulary level. I'm excited to start using them!!"

"AMAZING! This is one of my mainstay go-tos. thanks so much."

"Love all the science products. I can't wait to use the science reading articles this school year. Please keep more amazing products coming. Thank you for all your work."

"I love the 5 E lessons. I have gone on to purchase the "whole store" bundle as well."

"I cannot say enough good things about these lab stations. LOVE THEM. Perfect for a class period or when you don't want to set up a wet lab. I just adore these."

"Fantastic resource! My go to TPT user for science!!"

"Used this today and my freshman LOVED it! The lesson provides opportunities for the students to both be creative and demonstrate learning. They were engaged the whole time and passed in quality work. Will definitely be looking for your other station activities to use in my classroom."

"This has been a FANTASTIC resource! The students absolutely love it! Very easy - what a lifesaver! :)"

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